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Courseware Library

The Acrobatiq Library is a collection of adaptive courses that can be adopted as is, customized to fit unique needs, or used as a foundation to build a new course. Each course has been hand-crafted to be outcomes-based and achieve course or program-level objectives.

Our courseware includes authoritative content, frequent formative practice activities with targeted hints and error sensitive feedback, adaptive practice, and module and unit level summative assessments.

The result is a personalized learning experience that can accelerate and challenge top performers while providing remedial content and assistance for those who struggle.

In designing these courses, we leveraged our deep roots in cognitive and learning science to craft a better learning experience that actually achieves results. Each course has been completed by thousands of students who attained better outcomes than their peers in static, textbook-based courses.

But, enough talking. We'd love to show you the difference. Get a tour of one of our adaptive courses or browse our catalog below.

Course Library

Outcomes-based, interactive courseware that can be adopted as is or modified and customized to reflect course or program objectives. Includes authoritative content, frequent formative practice, adaptive practice, and summative assessments.


Accounting Fundamentals

A full foundation of Accounting Fundamentals, the Accounting Cycle, calculation of values and transactions, and accounting principles and financial statements are covered.

30 modules | 56 learning objectives

Change Management

The ways in which we think, work, and communicate have changed dramatically over the last 30 years. Learn not only what types of change to look out for, but also how to implement effective strategies for dealing with it.

25 modules | 62 learning objectives

College Algebra

Illustrate how mathematics is used for modeling and predicting real-life phenomena help develop problem-solving techniques required to interpret, solve, and analyze application problems.

33 modules | 85 learning objectives

English Composition

Develop most critical language skills that apply across all disciplines: strong writing and careful reading skills, the writing process, and stylistic and mechanics techniques.

54 modules | 82 learning objectives

Information Systems Management

Learn the many ways that technology is impacting businesses. This grand tour will take you from networking, to systems, hardware and software, systems analysis, security and ethics all the way to ecommerce and social media.

29 modules | 63 learning objectives

IT Fundamentals

An overview of IT concepts including: hardware, software, networks, IT careers and skills, databases and ethics with an emphasis on applications of IT in business.

36 modules | 84 learning objectives

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