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Our modern, evidence-based learning and analytics platform enables organizations to design, deliver, and continuously improve courses that drive better outcomes for learners and organizations. Learning data delivers actionable insights about which learners need help and with what, leading to improved student engagement and academic achievement.


Smart Author™

Smart Author provides publishers and educators an easy way to create effective, adaptive courseware. Develop and deliver rich, interactive courses grounded in learning science. Quickly author abundant formative activities, rich content, and multi-form assessments for a "learn by doing" approach to instruction.

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Acrobatiq course library

The Acrobatiq Library is a collection of adaptive courses that can be adopted as is, customized to fit unique needs, or used as a foundation to build a new course. Each course has been hand-crafted to be outcomes-based and achieve course or program-level objectives.

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Adaptive learning

Based on pre-assessment and real-time learning performance, our platform adapts content to the needs of individual learners, providing a highly personalized learning experience. We blend learning science and data to adaptively help students achieve measurable improvements.

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Data you can actually use

Data derived from learning scienced-based design helps course builders and educators improve learning resources based on evidence‚Äďand enables a more effective and efficient learning system where data and evidence drive practice.

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