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Optimize teaching, learning and student achievement.

We enable educators and instructional design teams to collaboratively design, develop and deliver rich, interactive and adaptive online courses grounded in the science of how people learn.

Optimize learning

Out enterprise platform and services converge learning science and data to improve course completions and expand access. Rapidly develop adaptive learning experiences for online, hybrid, or competency-based delivery models.


Improve outcomes

See up to 6X learning gains with learning science methodology and engagement data that personalizes the learning experience.

Adaptive learning

Deliver highly personalized learning experiences based on student's prior knowledge and current mastery.

Increase engagement

Interactive, "learn by doing" content lead to greater engagement while reducing the time required to learn.

Flexible & brandable

Powerful configuration tools and customization options allow you to create unique, brandable experiences.

Increase completions

Research-based design methodology combined with data science deliver experiences provent to increase completion rates.

Learning Dashboard

See who's learning, who's not and who might be at risk – enabling more targeted and cost-effective interventions.

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Improve outcomes

Our learning design methodology draws on the success of more than a decade of applied research from Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative.

Learning gains
In four different courses involving over 12,500 students, the learning effect of doing or “doer effect” was six times greater than that of reading. Students that completed online, interactive practice activities had better learning outcomes and higher positive effects than when using other learning resources such as watching videos or reading text.
Hours saved
Across multiple studies, students with frequent learn-by-doing activities embedded with targeted and timely feedback in a blended learning environment, learned the same amount of material in half as much time with equal learning gains, as compared to students learning from traditional instruction over a full semester.
Higher scores
In follow-up learning retention studies, students in the adaptive group scored an average of 20% higher on open-ended, data analysis problems. The adaptive group students were also 30% less likely to make a serious interpretive error in their responses.

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What they're saying

"Acrobatiq’s courseware has changed the way I teach Introduction to Psychology. The system automatically provides me with the information I need to better understand how my students are performing, making me a more efficient and effective professor.
– Dr. Erik W. Moody, Ph.D., Marist College
Acrobatiq’s evidence-based approach for course design aligns well with our mission of driving successful student outcomes. SAGE is delighted to partner with Acrobatiq and is confident that features such as the learning analytic dashboard, targeted feedback, and adaptive practice will enhance the educational experience for instructors and students.
– Michele Sordi, Vice President of Editorial, SAGE Publications
What sets Acrobatiq apart … is the Learning Dashboard. My students engage with the material and the Dashboard shows me meaningful summaries of their work. I can then use that information to make wise decisions about class time, and use it to amplify and clarify points where students tended to struggle the most
– Dr. Lawrence Rudiger, Ph.D, University of Vermont