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Textbook to course

A fast and affordable way to turn a textbook into rich, interactive courseware that's backed by science and proven by outcomes. We leverage data science, machine learning and natural language processing to understand a textbook and turn it into courseware.

How it works

We developed a number of leading tools and processes to analyze and understand a textbook and use that and then turn it into courseware. Here's how we do it.

Small, consumable chunks

We scan the structure of the textbook and map it to small, consumable chunks of content. This allows us to not only measure learning on a granular level, but also provide supplementary practice and assessment tied to that content.

Tagged learning objectives

Through the use of natural language processing, we connect courseware modules to measurable, student-centered learning objectives. Real-time analytics and statistical modeling of individual learning performance produces highly accurate estimates about student learning progress against those learning objectives. This gives us a predictive view into the future performance of each individual student.

Learn by doing

We deploy a design methodology that emphasizes giving students frequent practice opportunities and feedback to help master learning objectives. We can do this by ingesting your existing assessment or practice material, mapping assessments arealdy present in the textbook, and through creative new methods like student-reported self efficacy or crowd-sourced activities.

Content with a new life

Turning your existing textbooks into courseware reaps a number of benefits, including:

Faculty approved

By syncing score data back to the LMS, Acrobatiq composes a portion of the student grade, which eases the burden on overworked instructors. And our learning analytics and engagement dashboards provide instructors and faculty the data they need to successully improve student outcomes and course completion rates.

A better way to learn

Compared to a stand alone textbook, students both prefer our courses and learn more. We've built our platform on a decade of research and and over five years of industry experience. We mean it we say "backed by science, proven by outcomes."

Improve your bottom line

Equip your sales force to better compete in an already heated market. You will win more adoptions and sell more when your courseware is required for all rostered students.

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