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Effectively improve learning experiences and outcomes.

Provide a highly personalized learning experience that's backed by science and proven by millions of student outcomes. Rapidly create rich, interactive courses, grounded in learning science, by leveraging your existing textbooks or authoring from scratch.

Highly effective

Based on a decade of research and data from millions of students, our courses effectively improve the learning experience. Students learn faster, retain information longer, and gain real mastery of concepts.


Rapid authoring

Use data science and natural language processing to automate important parts of course authoring.

Use a textbook

Advanced tools to quickly turn a textbook into rich, interactive courseware that students love.

Flexible & brandable

Powerful configuration tools and customization options allow you to create unique, brandable experiences.

Increase engagement

Interactive content, assessments, and adaptive paths lead to greater engagement and satisfaction.

Effective content

Rich learning analytics surface actionable ways to improve the effectiveness of your content.

Improve outcomes

See up to 6X learning gains with learning science methodology and engagement data that personalizes the learning experience.

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From textbook to courseware

A fast and affordable way to turn a textbook into rich, interactive courseware that's backed by science and proven by outcomes. We leverage data science and natural language processing to understand a textbook and turn it into courseware.

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Powerful tools and workflows

Smart Author provides publishers enterprise-grade workflow tools to support the rapid development of digital learning courses and programs. Use over 25 different activity types to create interactive and adaptive content with instructional scaffolding.

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Data you can actually use

Acrobatiq's data collection and modeling capabilities go beyond typical "engagement" analytics. We surface actionable insights to help publishers improve content and instructors measure student learning. The result is a feedback loop that optimizes student learning.

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Improve outcomes

Our learning design methodology draws on the success of more than a decade of applied research from Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative.

Learning gains
In four different courses involving over 12,500 students, the learning effect of doing or “doer effect” was six times greater than that of reading. Students that completed online, interactive practice activities had better learning outcomes and higher positive effects than when using other learning resources such as watching videos or reading text.
Hours saved
Across multiple studies, students with frequent learn-by-doing activities embedded with targeted and timely feedback in a blended learning environment, learned the same amount of material in half as much time with equal learning gains, as compared to students learning from traditional instruction over a full semester.
Higher scores
In follow-up learning retention studies, students in the adaptive group scored an average of 20% higher on open-ended, data analysis problems. The adaptive group students were also 30% less likely to make a serious interpretive error in their responses.