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Learning Analytics

Intuitive, actionable learning data

Our data-driven adaptive courseware empowers publishers to improve the effectiveness of their content and helps faculty optimize student learning. We do this by continually gathering and analyzing learner usage data to find opportunities for improvement, both for the student and the content publisher or instructor.

We achieve this through The Learning Dashboard™, a first-of-its-kind teaching tool that visually displays real-time student and content performance data.

The Learning Dashboard™ collects, stores, and analyzes learning data generated when a student undertakes learning activities in our courseware.  We tie those activities to specific learning objectives, and to the component skills required to master those learning objectives.  This enables us to utilize a learning model developed at Carnegie Mellon University to analyze the data, and provide highly visual, actionable insights.

You’ll know, for example:

  • Which objectives or component skills were not learned across a particular class. 
  • Which students are learning at a comparatively lower level for a given objective.
  • Which students have not engaged in enough practice.
  • Which students are working hard, but not mastering key learning objectives and are therefore becoming “at risk.”

Armed with these learning data insights (and many more),  you can intervene where students need help the most, provide targeted feedback, and make timely course adjustments − actions proven to strengthen learning outcomes.

Tailored for faculty who teach courses with an online component – including lecture based courses, hybrid courses, or fully online courses,  Acrobatiq’s Courseware, combined with The Learning Dashboard, enable faculty to understand how well students are learning, and where they are struggling so that critical interventions can be applied right at the point of need.

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